Data Backups

Data backup is critical with today's computers. More and more function , coupled with digital photography and music means there is significantly more data in our computers. In the event of a system failure, we can always get you machine back to a running state - just as it was when you bought it or before the crash. The only thing missing would be all of your personal information that you have spent years accumulating.

We can provide the equipment and expertise to ensure your computer it totally backed up. That includes making sure the backup will perform properly in the event of a system failure. A little prevention now can save countless hours later.

If you do not have a backup solution in place or if you are unsure of your current backup solution, call us. We go onsite to provide a backup assessment.

In the event of a system failure and your backup, or lack thereof, fails and you need to get your data back, again, call us. We can also assist, if you have a good backup, in restoring your system quickly and efficiently.

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